Play it to Win it

What used to be such a taboo and hush hush act is now an everyday activity to some. How does one measure "fun"? Slots are easy. There is really not much to them. There is no strategy to help you hit more often, there is no tricks to pull a better winning, no way to know what will happen. Slots are made to be completely random and will give you a small winning to keep you playing thinking you are getting close to that big payout. Now there are hundreds of different machines you can play.

One could say there really is a machine for everybody. Back in the good ol days a person would put in their coin and pull a lever and watch the wheels spin in hopes to win it big, now there are different buttons and ways to bet. With poker, that takes more patience and skill in my personal opinion. You have to be knowledgeable of a deck of cards first and foremost. While not only watching and thinking about what you hold in your hand you have to watch what others are holding to. Depending on how good a person's "poker face" is could be the difference in winning a big hand or losing it all.

There are many out there that card count. That is highly frowned upon and in some casinos if caught will get you thrown out. All in all, it's a preference of which a person finds more fun. If you are more laid back and carefree then slots are for you. Sit back with a drink in hands and hang out. If you enjoy the competition of the other players at the table and think you have some luck on your side, or just a really good poker face, the take a seat at the table. Just remember, you have to bet big to win big.

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